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Abacus™ is built on a data center that manages and stores terabytes of complete blockchain archives for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, EOS, ICON, Litecoin, LISK, Monero, Ripple and ZCash.

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Abacus™ does not trust unreliable sources of information for producing assertion proofs. The system is built from the ground up to counter and verify every item of information extracted from blockchains.


Abacus™ has an extensive corpus of blockchain knowledge crystalized in the form of documented risk factors with their associated curated mitigation procedures ready to be invoked by any professionals.

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Access to blockchain expertise

  • A tailored methodology that meet the strictest auditor requirements
  • Leading-edge technological tools
  • A multidisciplinary team of experts at your service

Catallaxy designs solutions to authenticate data. Our technology specialists develop directed products and services to instil trust in a digital economy.


Our services

Digital asset audit

Realization of digital asset audit procedures by our experts.

Due diligence and security assessment of tokens

Detailed technical diligence and security assessment of your securities token or smart contract.

Advisory services

Our cryptocurrencies and blockchain experts are available to provide you guidance or advices in transforming your company to the digital economy.

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Our experts

Louis Roy is president of Catallaxy

Louis Roy

President of Catallaxy and National Director of Certification
Roberto Pimentel is principal Director in Software Engineering at Catallaxy

Roberto Pimentel

Principal Director in Software Engineering
Valerie Verdoni is Senior Director in International Business Development and Strategy at Catallaxy

Valérie Verdoni

Senior Director in International Business Development
William Robinson is Expert in Blockchain Risk Management

William Robinson

Expert in Blockchain Risk Management
Annabelle Gunther is Software developer and data scientist at Catallaxy

Annabelle Gunther

Software developer and data scientist

Our officials partners

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  • Our firm’s experience in the financial services industry and our proximity to our clients, together with Catallaxy’s niche cryptocurrency expertise, make us a choice partner for our clients in Cayman or abroad

    Greg ODriscoll Partner and head of funds at Grant Thornton Cayman Islands
    Greg O’Driscoll
    Partner and head of funds at Grant Thornton Cayman Islands

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