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Roberto Pimentel is principal Director in Software Engineering at Catallaxy

Roberto Pimentel

Principal Director in Software Engineering


Roberto Pimentel heads the Software Engineering practice at Catallaxy. He has played a leading role in laying the groundwork for the Software Engineering practice as well as in designing the Abacus audit platform.

Industry Experience Multidisciplinary and passionate about technology, Mr Pimentel began his career as an information technology entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience, he has developed a solid expertise in software engineering management, particularly in the fields of telecommunications, digital media and, recently, finance.

Over the years, Mr Pimentel has delivered hundreds of software products and services on a wide range of platforms. He is also familiar with the formation of geographically dispersed teams. Recognized for leading by exemple and his great ability to listen, he is praised by his peers as the go-to person to balance technical constraints and commercial requirements.