We develop technological solutions
to authenticate and certify digital data.

Blockchain Solutions and Support

With more than 15 Montreal-based experts and nearly 50 strategic partners worldwide, our service offering combines the technical expertise of the best core Blockchain talent and the strategic consulting power of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

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  • The media is abuzz with Facebook’s Libra, the latest entry in the cryptocurrency world. The social media company hopes to address the needs of over 1.7 billion people who do not have banking accounts. Given Facebook’s recent scandals, many people, including government officials, are worried about a corporate currency’s impact. The challenge ahead of the …

BlockHouse program

Based in Montreal, BlockHouse is Catallaxy’s centre of blockchain innovation bringing together the most influential players in the development community and academia to foster innovation and solve tangible business problems. Sponsoring a project at BlockHouse for 3-12 months will grant access to a team of industry experts and developers to identify and develop proof of concepts or pilot projects to solve your organization issues.

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Catallaxy's Team

General Manager
LouisRoy CPA, CA
President of Catallaxy and Partner of
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
WilliamRobinson, PhD
Senior Consultant
ArthurPrats Ladous
Product Manager and Community Lead
Lead Software Developer
Jean-FrançoisTrépanier CPA, CA
Senior Manager Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

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