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Arthur Prats Ladous est chef de produit chez Catallaxy

Arthur Prats Ladous

Product Manager


Arthur Prats Ladous has more than five years of blockchain and crypto-ecosystem experience. He first became interested in the field back in academia where he organized some of the first events and wrote high-level reports on the industry, which quickly inspired him to build concrete solutions.

In 2017, Mr. Prats Ladous facilitated the creation of Catallaxy, for which he is now the Product Manager. As such, he is responsible for managing the definition and validation process of new product releases. In addition, he is also the Industry Chair Manager, focusing on maximizing stakeholder participation, communicating the vision to customers and contributing to the development of knowledge transfer documentation.

Previously to joining Catallaxy, he cofounded Ephemeris, an online user identity verification and confirmation platform which enhances their experience by providing a virtual ID card in a form of a mobile application. At Ephemeris, he helped build a multidisciplinary team and acquired an important hands-on expertise of the blockchain industry.

Mr. Prats Ladous is also involved in various initiatives in Montréal’s startup ecosystem and cofounded one of the city’s largest blockchain meetup groups.