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Michel Besner is managing Director at Catallaxy

Michel Besner

Managing Director


Michel Besner has over 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of innovative solutions in various fields such as business intelligence, social media and news analytics, television, films and video games.

His core competencies in strategic planning, product management and business development have allowed him to take leadership positions at some of the world’s biggest software companies and various successful start-ups. ​

As General Manager of Catallaxy, Michel uses his long experience in big data, knowledge graphs and blockchain technologies in leading the design and development of a new technology platform that will enable traditional auditors to conduct audits of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. He also sits on Grant Thornton’s global Innovation Council.​

Before joining Catallaxy, Michel provided product management consultancy services with several startups as well as with one the largest software company in the media and digital marketing space.

Before that, he was the Senior Director of Product Management at Meltwater, a media coverage and data insights company. Michel joined Meltwater following the acquisition of his latest startup Strategic Planner. While at Meltwater, he managed the product lifecycle of their Insight and Data Science products, helping Fortune 500 companies determine how to use news and social data for competitive benchmarking and business insight.​ A leading product visionary, Michel won several awards including Personality of the Year – 2003/2004 by the Québec Federation of IT (FIQ – Fédération de l’Informatique du Québec). ​