Catallaxy hosts Hackathon ConcordAI



We are proud to announce that Catallaxy is hosting the ConcordAI’s free 12 Week AI Research & Development Mentorship Program. This Winter program began on January 12th and completes at the end of March.

‘’For Catallaxy, it is a great opportunity to meet great talents in Artificial Intelligence’’ according to Michel Besner, general manager at Catallaxy. “We believe there are strong synergistic opportunities when combining AI, Blockchains and the Internet of Things (IoT)”.

This program provides 30 participants: students and developers from all backgrounds ranging from undergraduate to PhD who are talented and interested in learning new skills and technologies to push the boundaries of AI in research and development and open innovation projects.

This program aims to help companies in their technology development:

‘’In addition to providing experiential learning, mentorship, and skills for participants and high levels of value in experimental and practical projects for mandators, we aim to solve 3 problems: there is not enough AI talent, there is not enough diversity in AI, and forming great teams quickly is difficult. We believe we are beginning to show that all three can be solved together.’’ According to Timothy Pereira, president of ConcordAI.

Discover the results of this innovative mentoring program!