Catallaxy Launches BlockHouse

BlockHouse, where innovation is built, refined and spread

On May 9th, over 140 people celebrated the official launch of BlockHouse, a center of excellence and expertise in applied cryptography, blockchain and distributed technologies. The evening kicked off with welcoming remarks from Emilio Imbriglio, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s president and CEO, its official legal partner, BCF Business Lawyersand Catallaxy leaders. Emilio Imbriglio extoled the importance of innovation and cutting-edge technology for consulting firms, such as RCGT. Louis Roy, who is both a partner at RCGT and member of Catallaxy. He echoed Emilio’s words, while laying out Catallaxy’s vision and goals. Then, Arthur Prats Ladous, BlockHouse’s Director, explained BlockHouse’s position in the eco-system. Long-term supporters of the blockchain community, they explored the needs for infrastructure and incubation of open-source development globally. Finally, Danielle Miller Olofsson, chief of knowledge management and market strategies, BCF, was invited to conclude by demonstrating how this partnership is a growth factor for SME accompanied by both allied societies.


An innovative Cocktail Party

Under purple lights and to the sounds of a touchscreen-DJ, guests had lovely time chatting about their passion blockchain technologies. The cocktail dinner party format facilitated knowledge sharing between participants. Among these, both current and potential clients from larger companies, partner firms, local Montreal developers and news media. All came together to see BlockHouse, thus satisfying its core mission, the regrouping various stakeholders in the industry. Now officially launched, BlockHouse acts as a hub for Montreal’s blockchain community, organizing public events weekly and hosting sister groups in its space.

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