ConcordAI: a great event with innovative projects!

ConcordAI was a 12-week event involving some 30 participants and a dozen experiments. The ConcordAI mentoring program highlighted artificial intelligence developments and provided an opportunity to discuss progress in various areasParticipants met throughout the programwhich concluded with a final event in Concordia University’s 4th SpaceIn an innovative setting that promotes new ideasseveral teams presented experimental projects commissioned by companies such as Ubisoft and Galilei (XR:MTL), Arthur Intelligence and Funartech. 

The results of these ambitious research project covered topics such as enhanced realitythe IT vision or research and development to infuse excitement into artificial intelligence. 

Arthur Prats LadousBlockHouse and Community Manager, participated in all of the events and attended the closing event for the winter cohort. He provided his opinion about the program in general and the experiments that drew his attention, “For Catallaxy, this type of program is an excellent initiative to communicate directly with a pool of passionate people and share artificial intelligence innovations. I attended several very ingenious demonstrations during the closing event. One had me completely amazed. It was a video game that reacts to the player’s emotions and adjusts the game’s difficulty based on these emotions. Unbelievable, especially when you consider all the work involved.” 

An event partner, Catallaxy was at the forefront of this highly successful initiative for the communityStudents and experts alike were able to work on innovative projects and participating businesses benefitted from a pool of unbelievable resources to progress in their field. The event’s success bodes well for a second edition next year. 

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