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Our team of experts offers you a range of services adapted to your specific situation.

Auditing Cryptocurrencies
Have your cryptocurrency audit evaluated and prepared by our experts.
Auditing cryptocurrency assets requires expertise, tools and an approach that differ from those of a traditional audit.
There are more than 1,000 different cryptocurrencies, each with its own characteristics and special features. Additionally, the market is highly volatile with numerous challenges. It’s essential, therefore, for auditors to call on experts in cryptocurrency technologies.
We propose a comprehensive service offering based on an exclusive methodology and leading-edge tools developed by our experts to support your audit preparation process.

Consulting and Advisory
The blockchain tailored to your needs.

While other consultancy firms are trying to predict the future, we are busy building it. Our philosophy is to know-by-making, which is why we internally support open-source projects. When our experts give their advice, it is with a pragmatic and skeptical approach. We will guide you through:

+ Understanding: Demystify the blockchain ecosystem, a unique and complex environment that is difficult to master.

+ Analyzing: Define a realistic blockchain strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

+ Experimenting: Develop technical capacity and validate strategies in practice.

+ Choosing: Separate proposals with true value from passing trends.

+ Internalizing: Turn your business into a self-sufficient blockchain industry leader.

+ Staying informed: Continue to follow, understand and access the unknown aspects of blockchain.
Due Diligence
See through the hype.
Discover hidden value.

The ecosystems of blockchains and crypto-assets are continually evolving.

Due diligence, external review and audit should be conducted as early as possible in the process. As trusted experts, we can help before you even start your major blockchain project, invest in an ICO, or join a consortium.

Our years of experience in blockchain technologies have honed an approach of skepticism and impartiality with a focus on long-term value. We can help you with:
+ Study of opportunity
+ Architectural examination
+ Regulation, reputation and legislation
+ Selection of young companies

We work at the leading edge of crypto-economics so that we can find the signal through the noise.
Crypto-asset Mining
Develop and deploy your mining strategy.

Crypto-asset mining operations are simple to maintain, but situation-specific to deploy.

Catallaxy mining services are designed and implemented by experienced professionals. With a cautious, but agile process, we will guide you through every step of your mining ventures.

Powering your machines, staffing, your overseers, cooling the facility, safely racking all your hardware and establishing protocols to maintain the lot. Each aspect is important to consider. These present optimization challenges that we want to tackle with you.

Let us help you increase your margins while protecting you from the unknown unknowns.
BlockHouse program
BlockHouse is Catallaxy’s centre of blockchain innovation bringing together the most influential players in the development community and academia to foster innovation and solve tangible business problems. Sponsoring a project at BlockHouse for 3-12 months will grant access to a team of industry experts and developers to identify and develop proof of concepts or pilot projects to solve your organization issues.
+ Academic Partners: We have close ties and partnerships with several of Montréal’s prestigious universities and innovation organisations.

+ A Pool of Talent: BlockHouse has access to a network of great technologists, product managers and designers in order to create multidisciplinary team needed to solve your industry problems.

+Network: Catallaxy is a Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton company, a Canadian leader in assurance, tax and advisory services with Grant Thornton offices in over 130 countries.

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