Whether you’re a company looking to solve traceability problems or accept cryptocurrency payments or an auditor who needs digital asset experts, Catallaxy offers a wide range of services to help you navigate the new digital economy.

Audit of cryptocurrency

With more than 2,500 cryptocurrencies, each with its own characteristics and special features and a highly volatile market with numerous challenges, auditors must call on cryptocurrency technology experts. We propose a complete service offering using our exclusive methodology and our leading-edge tools developed by our experts for all stages of an audit engagement.

Due diligence audit for an initial token offering

Our team analyzes the blockchain environment to review and inspect your token emission project. Our software solution, combined with our team’s expertise, ensure an in-depth analysis of the complete token ecosystem.

Digital assets on blockchain audit

Blockchain is an immature field with a lack of regulations, which represents an undeniable security issue for businesses adopting this technology. A blockchain audit not only provides assurance that the system is secure, efficient and resilient, but also makes it possible to analyze risk factors and internal controls that the organization should put in place. The audit also makes it possible to verify the information recorded on the blockchain.

Crypto mining activity audit

Many businesses are embarking on crypto mining activities. making their computer equipment and services available to verify blocks on the blockchain. In exchange, they are rewarded in cryptocurrencies.

How should the transactions be reflected in its financial information? Is it possible to independently verify the existence and completeness of revenues generated by crypto mining activities? To meet a growing need, we have developed specialized crypto mining audit tools to obtain evidence of mining activity revenues.

Consulting and Advisory

As new technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokens emerge, our specialists guide and advise you to demystify this new ecosystem. When you adopt these new technologies, our team can work with you to define a strategy tailored to your business needs.

Cryptocurrency investigation

To better meet the needs of investigators and auditors in the cryptocurrency industry, we propose a solution allowing them to assign a risk level to entities operating on the Blockchain as well as to global providers of digital asset servicing. Through this risk analysis, we help our clients identify potentially illicit cryptocurrency transactions originating from illegal (or “darkweb”) ransomware markets, theft, fraud or offshore sources.

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